age author description
2017-02-12 Jeffrey Barrick mergedefault tip
2017-02-12 Jeffrey Barrick ADP1 TXs paper updates
2017-02-07 Daniel Deatherage 2 pools of deconvoulted data from internal barcodes for Xue Preserv experiment. Given new RS#
2017-02-02 Jeffrey Barrick Commit of TEE GD files same as supplementary data file
2017-02-02 Jeffrey Barrick Renaming ISx files
2017-01-23 Jeffrey Barrick fixed reference
2017-01-23 Jeffrey Barrick merge
2017-01-23 Jeffrey Barrick Updates to ADP1-ISx and MA genomes
2016-11-02 Daniel Deatherage Simon French test RNAseq, assumed REL606.6 ref
2016-10-05 Daniel Deatherage Dacia MDS42 preserve sequencing
2016-10-05 Daniel Deatherage Demultiplexed Gabo sequencing .gd files
2016-10-02 Jeffrey Barrick Changed ADP1 lab ancestor file name
2016-08-23 Daniel Deatherage updating REL2047 to include amp
2016-06-20 Daniel Deatherage remove innaccurate old .gd files from Dacia samples corresponding to unknown barcode files
2016-06-20 Daniel Deatherage Updateing Dacia gd files to include both new reads, and mismatched barcode availablitilty
2016-05-31 Daniel Deatherage adding new .gd files for Dacia GFP sequencing
2016-05-06 Jeffrey Barrick Removed duplicates
2016-04-23 Jeffrey Barrick merge
2016-04-23 Jeffrey Barrick Changed reference used for ADP1 samples
2016-04-20 Daniel Deatherage updated Simon RNAseq data with corrected read files including previously missing sample 212
2016-03-30 Simon D'Alton Added LTEE RNAseq data
2016-03-22 mhammer Phage genomes added to RS0054
2016-03-20 Jeffrey Barrick Updated some ADP1 GD files
2016-01-28 Jeffrey Barrick Added new D2 reference diffs
2016-01-03 Jeffrey Barrick Added original read stats and reference trimmed reads in RS0054_Hammerling_PhageII_HiSeq
2016-01-01 Jeffrey Barrick Changed adaptor for HammerlingPhageII
2015-12-28 Jeffrey Barrick Merged together 3 hammerling directories
2015-12-27 mhammer merge
2015-12-27 mhammer Highly parallel nsAA phage evolution Lane 1
2015-11-30 mhammer generation of new .gd files for Hammerling Phage II sequencing for the Miseq test run
2015-12-15 Simon D'Alton Added initial RNAseq gd files
2015-12-10 Jeffrey Barrick Updated old ADP1 files with disallowed mediated tags
2015-11-06 Jeffrey Barrick Added Hammerlnig ncAA phage data
2015-11-06 Jeffrey Barrick Updated reference genome AgNO3
2015-11-04 Jeffrey Barrick Updated path in AgNO3
2015-11-04 Jeffrey Barrick Updated path in AgNO3
2015-11-03 Jeffrey Barrick Added Graves AgNO3
2015-10-27 Jeffrey Barrick Renamed 2K ancestor of MA
2015-10-26 Jeffrey Barrick Added plasmid to Leonard_AEE
2015-10-26 Jeffrey Barrick Adding AEE data
2015-10-05 Jeffrey Barrick added new data files
2015-08-07 Jeffrey Barrick Updated 264 genome GDs for change in AMP-mediated/between
2015-08-04 Jeffrey Barrick Added new MURI RNAseq data
2015-06-20 Jeffrey Barrick .
2015-06-20 Jeffrey Barrick Added ancestors and some metadata to RS0009_TemperatureEvolved
2015-06-20 Jeffrey Barrick Added some metadata to RS0009_TemperatureEvolved
2015-06-09 Daniel Deatherage final temperature changes
2015-03-10 Jeffrey Barrick Added new MURI data
2015-02-23 Jeffrey Barrick More AG3C data
2015-02-21 Jeffrey Barrick More AG3C reads
2015-01-20 Daniel Deatherage updated IS pulldown read files
2015-01-20 Daniel Deatherage IS element pulldown .gd files
2015-01-15 Jeffrey Barrick Fixed MURI-171
2015-01-07 Jeffrey Barrick updates to MURI
2014-12-11 Jeffrey Barrick Updated with new MURI sequencing
2014-12-05 Jeffrey Barrick Added recent sequencing results
2014-12-04 Daniel Deatherage moved files for better organization
2014-12-04 Daniel Deatherage increased temporal sensitivity and reorganization
2014-11-12 Jeffrey Barrick Fixed a CBB5 path
2014-10-21 Jeffrey Barrick dded files to sv_polymorphism_paper